Beginner guide – Lords Cup

Beginner guide – Lords Cup

The Lords Cup is about playing a ball from the ball zone into a Fort or the Base/Wonder. For every ball that lands in one of the fort / wonder, a new ball will drop in the ball zone. At the same time there is again a solo quest and a guild quest. Say every point you make is spotted for you as well as for the guild. On the way to a fort/wonder, you can also make additional points, by the hit a darknests. When you a darknest hits, however, the ball is retained.

The Control

Find a ball in the ball zone on the map. Then you click on this ball and you can see the Lords Cup interface. In this you have 4 icons as shot variants. These are linked to troop quantities. For a T1 shot you need 10k T1 units, no matter what kind. For the ball then flies 5 fields. At T2 you need 20k units and the ball will jump 2 spaces. At T3 you need 100k units and the ball jumps 10 spaces. With 200k T4 units you can let the ball jump 15 spaces.

The lowest number below the pictures is the travel time until the shot is fired. If you shoot a ball several times, you will receive your speed bonus, up to a maximum of 1200% + your own travel speed. However, if you play another ball in the meantime, the travel boost is gone from the previous ball.


A nice little event for in between. Find a ball, play with T1 troops in your direction, so that the boost charges and then pick you up on the way to the next fort, all the darkest. This is how you finish your solo quest very quickly. A nasty trick that most of the bigger players use is simply to teleport near the wonder or the forts and catch the balls.

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