Increase Might (Troops)

Increase Might (Troops)

To complete the quest “Increase Might (Troops)”, you must create troops. You get some might per unit and that total might is scored. Repairing units is not counted.

Per unit you get the following might:
Tier 1 Troops = 2 might
Tier 2 Troops = 8 might
Tier 3 Troops = 24 might
Tier 4 Troops = 36 might

Thus, the cheapest units in the price and performance ratio, the Tier 3 troops. They are fast to build and cost little resources, but bring many points.

In the example, 2.400.000 power is needed, in 1 day and 6 hours.

You have to either

  • Build 1,200,000 T1 troops or
  • Build 300,000 T2 troops or
  • Build 100,000 T3 troops or
  • Build 66,667 T4 troops

If you convert that into resources and speedups, you can see at a glance that T3 troops are the cheapest for this quest.

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  1. Stephen Adam Robinson

    With the addition of the new Sanctuary; I am told that resurrected troops count towards might and not as healed. If you save up your devotion you can get the 2.4M might with just resurrecting.


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