T5 Troops announced for 4th birthday

T5 Troops announced for 4th birthday

For its 4th birthday, IGG has announced the long-awaited T5 Troops for Lords Mobile. The new units will be released with the update next week.
Together with the new and necessary building Lunar Foundry.

New research is also being introduced for the T5 troops and new resources, the Luminous Gear and the Lunite. The Luminous Gear can be created through Lnite and resources. And by Luminous Gear and T4 troops, you can create the new T5 troops.

The Lunar Foundry produces Lunite, analogous to the Spring. However, the Lunar Foundry must first be researched, at least according to the announcement. IGG also emphasizes that the Lunar Foundry produces a large amount of Lunite for free. This already suggests that other things in the new T5 chain cost money. Ancient books are probably needed again for the research.

We’ll know more next week.

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